Slo24ultra is the first 24 hour road cycling race in Slovenia. It is suitable for everyone who wants to test his/hers limits and check out how many kilometers/miles he/she can cycle in 24 hours. We will also provide the 12 hour option.


Slo24ultra is UMCA 12 & 24 Hour European Championship 2018!


The start of the race will be at noon on July 14th, 2018 in town of Dobrovnik on North-East of Slovenia, by the border with Hungary. The race route is a flat 11km loop through two municipalities, Dobrovnik and Turnisce. The winner will be the cyclist who cycles the most kilometers/miles in 24 hours (+ the time to finish his/her last lap).


Slo24ultra will have 24h solo categories for men & women, 4-person Teams (men, women and mixed) and 12h men & women. It is suitable for beginners in ultra-cycling as there is no support crew necessary. At the start/finish area we will provide food and drinks for the competitors. You can stop as many times as you like, we suggest short stops, though, as the clock doesn't stop.


Slo24ultra runs as an UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) competition and is UMCA 12 & 24 Hour European Championship 2018 for solo riders. If you are UMCA member, you have discounted starting fee.


We expect some of the best ultra-cyclists in the World, men and women on the start line. The number of competitors is limited to 200, the time of registration will determine your position. Register today and join us at one of the fastest races in the World!